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How can we find a way to communicate?

We have seen together these last two weeks some of the differences between the way men and women tend to communicate.
How can these two very different universes find a common denominator that
helps them to communicate effectively?
What are the foundations for bridging the gap?
The common denominator is mutual acceptance, the basis of every human relationship ;
Each one of us needs to feel accepted and appreciated.
This way both, men and women, can build a relationship with full awareness of their differences. No one should expect reactions and emotions to be the same as the other’s.
We can start by realizing that our differences are in fact a mutual enrichment that helps us to get closer to
the other, while still remaining ourselves.
For example a man can be helped to express his emotions and a woman can learn to become more pragmatic in certain circumstances.
We can each learn from each other and get closer in order to have a more fulfilling and empathetic communication.

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