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How can we find a way to communicate?

We have seen together these last two weeks some of the differences between the way men and women tend to communicate. How can these two very different universes find a common denominator that helps them to communicate effectively? What are the foundations for bridging the gap? The common denominator is mutual acceptance, the basis…

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How do men communicate?

Men communicate in a direct and assertive way; there is usually a lack of an emotional component in their conversation. Men talk to each other about those 3 or 4 topics they are interested in such as occupation, money, sports and sometimes women. They also tend to use a greater volume to highlight their opinions. In…

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Action plan

Our action plan can be finalized only once we have a clear vision of what we want to change or improve in our life. The action plan begins by devising the schedule that we intend to follow. Setting a deadline will not only help us to focus on our objective, but also help…

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Our good resolutions

How often do we think about what we want to change in our lives? Are the well-known good intentions that we often tend to put off forever, like starting a diet, improving our relationship with our partner or our children, changing jobs because we are not happy with what we have at the…

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Our balance

How can we strike the right balance between being there for people and safeguarding ourselves? Many of us are aware that without love and self-care we cannot even help others as we would like. We can only understand the needs of others and support them when we have learned to love and prioritize our well-being. It…

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How many times do we women find ourselves overburdened with responsibilities because we take on too many people and their problems? Using one's energies for a large number of people or just a few without limits, can be considered a form of altruism, but it can have many negative implications if we are…

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To what extent do our fears govern our lives?

Very often fears govern  our lives creating anxiety and unhappiness. Today I intend to talk exclusively about our irrational fears ; the fear of illness, of betrayal, of flying and many others. Anxiety about the unknown can be terrifying ;  sometimes we would rather give up things we would like to do than cope…

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Discovering our resources through illness

I mentioned in last week's introduction that in dealing with a disease we go through various emotional stages; denial, anger, victimization, acceptance and resignation. When faced with a serious illness, our whole life is turned upside down; our routine, work, relationships and way of perceiving our very existence. We realize how…

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