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How do men communicate?

Men communicate in a direct and assertive way; there is usually a lack of an emotional component in their conversation. Men talk to each other about those 3 or 4 topics they are interested in such as occupation, money, sports and sometimes women. They also tend to use a greater volume to highlight their¬†opinions. In general males support women in…

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Is female communication really that different from male communication?

As women we need to use communication to express opinions, feelings, ideas and thoughts to be heard, understood and respected. The ideal communication for most of us is closeness, support and expressing emotions that show understanding of another's feeling. When a man is communicating with a woman, he will sense her empathy and her attentiveness. We articulate our thoughts and…

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Action plan

Our action plan can be finalized only once we have a clear vision of what we want to change or improve in our life. The action plan begins by devising the schedule that we intend to follow. Setting a deadline will not only help us to focus on our objective, but also help those of us who are inclined…

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