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Hi, I’m Gabriella


I’m 58 years old and I have two grown up children.
I love travelling and reading and getting to know people from all over the world with different cultures and traditions.
After being a teacher for almost 30 years I realised that I have the ability to help people beyond my teaching job. For this reason I decided to embark on this path as a life coach.



Get confidence and clarity about your new life path.


I coach women facing a change or a decision that has a deep
emotional impact on their life,to achieve clarity and
calm so that they can move forward confidently from a place of strength.

Daily Stress
Coaching Services
In today’s busy world, we’re pulled in many directions at once. We have responsibilities at home and at work. Sometimes it all just becomes too much.

Job Searching
Coaching Services
There’s a lot to get stressed out about in a job search: You have no idea why you weren’t called in for an interview, or, if you had an interview, why you didn’t get the offer.

Divorcing Stress
Coaching Services
Going through a divorce or relationship breakdown can be one of the most stressful situations a person can find themselves in. We can work together for a new start.

You are not the only one

Mrs Fubini Gabriella helped me a lot with my sleeping problems. She is a very nice and understanding individual with a lot of life experience in all its several different aspects.

Coaching client

Gabriella enabled me to see the world through eyes of clarity, empowerment and joy. She is intuive, constructive, and kind with her help. Thank you!

Coaching client

La signora Fubini Gabriella mi ha aiutato molto con i miei problemi di sonno. È una persona molto gentile e comprensiva con molta esperienza di vita in tutti i suoi diversi aspetti.


Studies & Career

My professional career from 1992 to 2019

Founder and principal teacher, bringing into Italy the new “Active Encounter Method

In partnership with Consorzio FAP. Preparing university students for IELTS Exams Taylor-made 6 month course for notaries and lawyers.
Regio Opera Theatre Turin 6 month course for backstage teams servicing foreign visiting companies. Gionet SRL. Taylor-made course for managers and employees

Specialised course for Turin shopkeepers

Preparing candidates for official English Exams (KET, PET, FCE, Lower Cambridge, Advanced, Proficiency)

Aosta Musical Institute (Course for Conductors)
Aosta Musical Institute (Course for Tourist guides and entertainers)
TIT Event Organisers (Business Language Course)
XTEC (Grugliasco) (Business Language course)

My studies from 1980 to 2015

Lower Cambridge and Cambridge Proficiency Exams
Qualification: Cambridge Certificates (Certificati Cambridge)

Course on New Techniques for TEFL
Qualification: Certificate of Attendance (Certificato di frequenza)

Course on teaching Business
English Qualification: Certificate of Attendance (Certificato di frequenza)

Course on “Latest trends in TEFL
Qualification: Certificate of Attendance (Certificato di frequenza)

Course on TEFL distance learning
Qualification: Certificate of Attendance (Certificato di frequenza)

TEFL & TESOL Advanced Certificate

Certified Life Coach 18 March 2021

Sessions and Prices

Discount 10%
6 one-hour sessions per week

6 sessions

This is a fast track for people who need a push to take action.


They have a fair amount of self-awareness but have difficulty in achieving their goals.


Through a series of targeted exercises, it is possible to remove the last resistances you have in order to take action.

520 - Dollars
1712 - Shekel
Contact me
Discount 13%
10 one-hour sessions per week

10 sessions

This path is a bit longer and is useful for people who lack confidence and awareness.


Through a series of exercises aimed at self-awareness, one can then work on the goal to be reached.


At the same time, work is done to increase self-esteem.

835 - Dollars
2750 - Shekel
Contact me
An 8-week group coaching package

8 weeks

How to cope with the stress of everyday life and find time for yourself


90-minute sessions per week.

490 - Dollars
1600 - Shekel
Contact me

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